Team modernpsy

With our committed and compassionate team, we strive to support and enhance mental well-being across diverse cultural contexts. 

Dr. phil. Anousha Hadinia


Swiss accredited

psychologist FSP Trainer & Supervisor

Languages: German, 

Englisch, French, Spanish, 


Maria Lumsden Rieder, M.Sc.

Co -lead

UK & EU accredited Psychotherapist UKCP/ECP 

Developmental  psychologist University of Basel, ZEPP

External Counselor for Novartis Counseling service

Astrid Enke M.Sc.

Clinical Psychology und Neuroscience

Psychotherapist (in training)

in humanistic psychotherapy

David Schröder M.Sc.


Psychotherapist (in training) 

in humanistic psychotherapy

young people and adults

Languages: German, English, Español (fliessend), Русский, Français, Português, Italiano, Nederlands (good understanding)

Saruga Jayamayooragan (Jay) M.Sc.

Clinical psychology & Neuroscience 

Psychotherapist (in training)

Specialised in cognitice behavioral therapy, incl. schematherapy and mindfulness focused therapy. 

I support young people and adults.

Lanaguages: German, English, Tamil. 


Dora Darabos M.Sc.


Clinical and Organizational Psychology

Psychotherapist in Further Training

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Adolescents and Adults

Languages: English, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin

Dr. Brian Cardini

  • Psychologist,

External  Counselor Counseling Service Novartis

Development Psychologist University of Basel, ZEPP

Research Focus: Exhaustion and recovery;  mental disorder and ability to work

Languages: German & Englisch

Jonathan Amato

Socialworker FH

systemic Coach and consultant

Focus: children and young people,

support and advice in the event of separation, parenting advice, cooperation with authorities and schools, juvenile delinquency, family support, coaching

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Darija Clara Arekhi M.Sc.


Psychotherapist in training

Integrative and process focused psychotherapy

I offer support for children, young people and their families.
Languages: German, Englisch, Swedish