Your mental health partner

We are an international institute of modern psychology.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive psychotherapy and employee assistance services to individuals and organizations. 

With our committed and compassionate team, we strive to support and enhance mental well-being across diverse cultural contexts...


Our Services


We offer psychotherapy for individual, couples and families. Our therapists are trained in a wide range of therapeutic approaches. 


Aspekte der 
Funktion einer Person 
erfassen und verstehen, 
kognitiver Fähigkeiten, 
oder Verhaltensmuster.
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Corporate Assistance

As psychotherapists we see employee assistance as a possibility to providing a dedicated space to address mental health concerns. 

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We see training and Supervision as a collaborative and educational process in which a qualified and experienced supervisors guide and support trainee psychotherapists.

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Social Service

Our social service offers: parents counseling, integration and administrative questions and for Expats, care system for children and teenagers, Coaching and social insurance questions

Ethical principals 

Our institute brings together psychologists and therapists with unique cultural insights and experiences. This diverse perspective allows us to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive care to our clients, regardless of their background. 

We encourage an environment that respects and affirms diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Our therapists have an understanding of the possible experiences and challenges faces by LGBTQ individuals.

Our approach to mental health care is to recognize and value the natural variations in neurological functioning among individuals. We appreciate the diverse ways in which individuals experience and navigate the world.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health care. That’s why we offer online therapy options, allowing you to receive our services from anywhere in the world.

We take confidentiality, trust, providing a safe, confidential space for granted in our institute.